Thursday, August 14, 2014

Resistance (first draft)

By: C. Hemphill

You have always been my downfall.
In honesty I stood, and you made me see the truth.
In slumped disgust I examined the evidence,
touched the folds of regret and loathing.
Naked and vulnerable, to only one set of eyes.
There was nowhere to hide.

All the cracks and crevices exposed like a beautiful birth.
But this, like death, was haunting and hideous.
Taunting and tedious.
And I thought to myself,
How did I get here?
This land, once clothed in subtle strength,
now drowned in ruins:
Gluttonous, greedy, gaping ruins.
Rotting, pleading, shaping ruins.

Until what was left standing, was an excess of nothingness.

Yet, in the void, hope whispers sweet nothings
become something